Work life balance is a myth.

Often when I talk to people, and they mention work life balance, they are assuming a close to equal weighting between time spent at the day job and time off.

In the world of high performance, that type of mindset is a myth or better yet an illusion. Trying to achieve it sets you up for failure.

The only way you become the best in the world at something is to put in the time, and that earns you a seat at the table, it does not guarantee success. You want success? We need to talk mindset.

I don't talk about balance with my clients (entrepreneurs, executives, athletes, creatives). Why? We know that their time is going to be weighted towards achieving their goal; it has to be. Try telling an olympian to be balanced. It isn't going to happen. 

What we focus on is the following:

Clarity: Around your goal, why you are pursuing it, and the best path to get there. Together we get you taking the right kind of action and have the necessary mindset to achieve the outcome; this is what makes the difference. 

Happiness/fulfilment: Are you still enjoying what you do? If not, we need to tweak things and understand why.

Health: Are you healthy going after your goal? Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Time out: When you do take time away is it quality time off, can you switch off.

Sleep: Getting enough? Everyone has different sleep patterns; it's vital to repair the body and mind. 

Family: Are you meeting your commitments, showing up how you want to, investing the quality time necessary to ensure their success.

Finances: Let's face it money is an enabler. Are you on track both personally and professionally? 

Feeling: Most important, how are you feeling every day? Your body, thoughts, mood etc. are fantastic indicators of something that is going on that you are potentially not consciously aware of, beneath the surface. How you feel often determines how you show up, so it's vital to understand what's going on.

If you have a big hairy audacious goal like that crazy new revenue target or to be number 1, you will need to put in hours to get there. However, it's how you invest that time which is the essential thing, grinding away with the same mindset will only get you so far.

Remember, real success comes from the inside out. After all, everything in your life right now is a direct reflection of your current mindset. Want a different outcome? Time to shift your perspective. 

I wish you every success in business and life. 


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