Success means getting over your own sh*t

By sh*t, I mean the following:

  • Limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

  • Negative patterns of behaviour that have been established long ago. Hello, self-sabotage.

  • Habits that no longer serve you.

  • Actions that are not in alignment with who you are, the real you.

  • The everyday language you use that limits your potential.

  • Negative self talk in your head.

We ALL have these. Are you aware of yours and when it happens?

Your choice and it is a choice is, are you going to do the work necessary to grow? 


Will you stay in your current comfort zone, even when you know deep down there are more immense possibilities for you?

The mind is powerful; the same thing that keeps us feeling like we are trapped also has the potential to set us free. 

How do you expand the boundaries of the mind? Shift your perception of what's possible for you. 

Fact: What got you to your current level of success, won't get you to the next level. You have to shift, expand and grow, that starts with mindset and the desire to change.

Want to grow your business by 500%? Mindset shift.

Want to reach 8 or 9 figures in revenue for the first time? Mindset shift.

Want to transform that large enterprise as a leader? Mindset shift.

Want to take your business global? Mindset shift.

Want to feel better about yourself and what you do? Mindset shift. 

Want to get a promotion? Mindset shift.

Why? If you keep taking the same action, thinking the same way, you will keep getting the same kind of experiences and results. It's a given!

As a high-performance coach, I'm in the business of helping my clients achieve the extraordinary every day, which means helping them shift their mindsets and perspectives to what's possible and beginning to expand their comfort zones so they can get amazing new results in their lives, businesses or careers.

Look around you, what you are currently experiencing; it is a direct result of your current mindset, beliefs and actions.  

You are accepting your current level of results.

Now if you don't like where you are, then this can be a tough pill to swallow because it means you now need to be 100% accountable for where you are right now to change it, and that may not be pretty.

Yes, there are always extenuating circumstances, and things happen in life that knock us down, make things complicated and are just plain crap. However, you still have a choice as to how you respond in every moment. 

I'm not saying it's easy or even fun, but I am saying it's possible. So if you are feeling massive resistance, anger, fear or doubt when reading this article acknowledge that it exists in you. You've been triggered, and now you have something that you are aware of to work on.

If you are going F yeah, I've got this, let me at it. Awesome! Its time to start putting yourself out there with some new inspiring and achievable goals for your life, business or career. 

It is not about faking it till you make it, that's not authentic; it's about deciding that things need to change and then taking small, consistent steps to move forward.  

Start where you are, not where you want to be.

Want me dedicated to your success?

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