Mindfulness, the epidemic we don’t need.

I write this title tongue in cheek but also with a hint of seriousness. 

Of course the practices that make up what we now define as mindfulness today are important. Meditation, Pranayama, Asana are all part of Patanjali's 8 limbs of yoga but the word mindfulness is inappropriate in its description as we don’t want or need any more shit in our minds. If anything we want less.

I don’t know about you but I do enough thinking for 10 people the only thing that enabled me to create the necessary space for me to really be myself i.e. a human being rather than a human doing was yoga and energy work.  Don’t get me wrong there is a place for intellectual thinking, just not as much as we think, get it.

Today we focus on the multiple health benefits that yoga and mindfulness provide us. Kind of like focusing on the mushroom on your pizza, wow that mushroom is amazing but we forget about the enormity of the pizza it’s sitting on. That’s kind of what we do with yoga and mindfulness today we focus only on the physical benefits without all the other amazing stuff that yoga assists us with like the union of body, mind, spirit and moving our energy. 

Okay back to why I'm writing this. Don’t fill your f**king mind up with anything else, don’t be mind-full. Be mind-empty and take the time to create space for yourself both physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally which will actually help to improve your life and grow your business. 


If your cup is already full then there is no room for anything else to fit, it runneth over with your current thinking and dribble. Thus by emptying the mind, creating and holding space for ourselves we enable something new and often profound to enter. We facilitate a new perspective and way of being (and thinking) that otherwise would not exist due to our previously full minds. 

It gives us the space for that new idea, solution, product, service or a-ha to drop in.

So next time you see the word mindfulness, think the opposite. Empty mind = a much bigger and brighter picture. An empty mind is a gift. 

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Authors Bio:

Rich Everett is a high performance coach, yogi and entrepreneur. He help’s people who are already kicking arse in their life + business who feel like they’re doing everything right but are hitting a roadblock to get into alignment so they create massive commercial results like 500% revenue growth from a place of truth, alignment and spiritual wellbeing.