Success feels weird!

Especially when you are used to grinding away, as entrepreneurs, it can take us a long time before we start to see "real success" and when it comes along, it's so different from that which we are used to experiencing it can feel weird. Really weird.

Now here is where we need to watch out for our brains. Our brains love to keep us safe, and that means normal. When our normal is grinding and working for results, the brain has a mini panic when we start to see them.

What does that mean? 

Enter self-sabotage. The brain want's to keep experiencing what it knows, and that's your comfort zone. i.e. you without results at your new level of success.

It's the same reason why people who win the lottery get rid of the winnings in a short amount of time. They are used to experiencing lack, and as such, make decisions to get back to that state of being, they don't even realise they are doing it and sometimes neither do we.

We begin to limit the success of our businesses and our own personal success once we start getting the results we desire.

Sounds counter-intuitive right? We work so hard, yet when we reach our new level of success, it weirds us out and we often unconsciously try to get back to our comfort zone.

How does it show up:

  • We begin to cut corners. Yep, you know the ones.

  • We don't feel worthy of these new results = imposter syndrome.

  • We being to experiencing limiting beliefs and fears. Crazy stuff just starts popping into our mind for no reason, we may even feel a physical response to this new found success.

  • We stop doing the things that grow our businesses and made us successful.

  • We take risks we wouldn't usually make.

  • We let our ego start driving rather than our intuition.

  • We forget about the value we provide to our customers and clients.

  • We take on too much work.

  • We forget our self-care routines.

  • We skip marketing campaigns or other events that previously made us successful.

How do we cope with a new level of success?

  • Understand that you are experiencing a new way of being, and it's supposed to feel weird and different.

  • Give yourself time to process this new experience, so it becomes the new normal.

  • Don't make any huge decisions for a while; sit in the discomfort.

  • Ensure you celebrate the milestone, so you consciously register the achievement, and it does not get swept up in day to day busy.

  • Understand your brains programs and patterns will take some time to catch up to your new-found success.

  • Talk to others who are at your new level to see how they cope.

  • Get support. A business coach is a great way to work through the limiting beliefs and fears that pop up to ensure you nip them in the bud and manage them appropriately to continue to grow your business.

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