We all know that feeling of flow, that state where things just seem to fall into place. Often it happens when we least expect it, and events unfold in ways we’d ever imagined, yet the results are incredible and it feels downright, well, magical.

When it does happen (at least for most of us), that feeling is fleeting and that flow state is not sustainable. By contrast, that’s probably why it’s so incredible when it does happen.

Flow comes when you’re in alignment. Opportunities present themselves, people show up in your life, the right client calls. . . and the opposite can happen when you're misaligned.

In our modern day of constantly hustling and overthinking, misalignment is rampant.

As an individual, you’ve found….

  • You’re experiencing a lack of clarity, transparency, or accountability

  • You’re burning out

  • You’re frustrated

  • You’re unsure how to move to the next level

  • You know you could do better

  • You know you could be happier

  • You know there is something missing but are not sure what

As a business owner you’ve found that….

  • You’re beginning to hit your limitations in various aspects of the business

  • You know you need external help to provide a different perspective

  • Execution in your business has become harder and potentially the ROI is moving lower. . .
    You spend most of your time being reactive putting out fires rather than working from vision. . .

  • You see the business potential, however, it’s not tracking as anticipated

You and your business may be out of alignment.

Which brings us to the 5 fundamental signs of not being in alignment.

1. Limiting the potential for growth - generally, we limit ourselves with either vision or execution. We don’t set ourselves up for success and we are not necessarily aware of what’s already working for us in order to leverage it.

2. Execution is harder and more expensive - because we are limiting ourselves in a number of ways we fail to take a broad view of all that is available to us and as such assume that things must be done a specific way, even if we are able to achieve that same result or better in a faster more efficient way we stick or cling to what we’ve done in the past. A great example of this is paying for traditional TV advertising vs cheaper and potentially more effective online advertising which is more targeted.

3. Limited Results – ROI is lower - Using the same reference points, frameworks, ways of working, processes etc over and over is not sustainable. Sure it does mean potentially consistent results for a while but very soon things will need to change. As such what has worked in the past is not working now and over time that means our ROI will become less and less. Think of it as fishing in a pond vs the ocean you have much less room to move in a pond, whether that pond be a marketplace, org structure or ways of working limitations. It’s also why you hear so many people talk endlessly about innovation without really understanding what it means or where it comes from.

4. Needing to make things happen (reactive) - This is a big one and common in big organisations. As individuals or as managers we get caught in trying to make things happen because we are swamped with the flood of how things have always been done vs taking a step back and realigning a team, department or organisation to the objective. If you are clear on your goal then letting go of that which is non-essential to move into a proactive space becomes easy. When there are competing priorities that take away from the objective then you, your team, department or organisation are out of alignment.

5. Lack of clarity, transparency, accountability, and responsibility - this is probably this most important of them all. If you are 100% accountable and responsible for your own results and the results of your team, department or business then you have to become clear and transparent super quick to determine what is working and what is not. To often mediocre results are accepted, failures punished and dead weight kept.

If you take 100% accountability for your business or life and fully accept that the results are yours, then you will move heaven and earth to make the necessary changes to move away from pain to fulfilment.

And while change is necessary, it isn’t always easy. The first step is to get yourself aligned. Questions? Let me know here.