The dissolving of the ego, the self, the “I” is the portal to beingness, to fulfilment, to contentment, to all there is. 

There is no attainment for there is nothing to attain.

One does not need to try for there is nothing to try for because in this space there is no “I” to desire anything.

 The dissolving of the self allows for limitless expansion of all there is. No separation exists between anything. There is no want, no desire, no need, no ambition.

 Thought is not of consequence. Peace invades everything. Everything and nothing exist all at once. Past, present and future dissolve.

 Consciousness is the only constant.

Freedom in this space is defined as the removal of suffering and suffering cannot exist where the ego and mind do not.

There are no names here for that which is everything cannot be named.

It is not something that can be held. You came from it, are part of it and will return to it, yet it never left you.

The mind cannot exist in such a place and as such doubt and fear are removed. 

This is the space where “I” no longer exists.